About us

Visscher Seafood is a modern supplier of fresh North Atlantic seafood and specializes in the production of salmon. With our new factory we meet the highest requirements in the field of food safety and are we able to serve customers all over the world with first-class quality fish.

Quality comes first: Visscher Seafood guarantees quality. We achieve this by keeping to three core values:

  • Healthy & Sustainable

    Whether it is cod from the North Sea or salmon from the Norwegian fjords, we always choose fresh and healthy products caught or farmed in the most sustainable manner possible.

  • Clean & Lean

    We strive to optimize speed and return and to prevent unnecessary delays in the entire chain. This way we can ensure a better and cleaner product.

  • Passion & Respect

    We work with a passion for our products and our profession. We treat nature, our people and of course our customers and partners with respect.

Our aim is to do things a little bit better each and every day. This has led to many small and some big improvements and has made us the company we are now. We hope to keep up with these continuous improvements in future so that we’ll be constantly leading the way in this dynamic sector.

‘’Our mission is to make the wonderful seafood products from the North Atlantic ocean available for the world.’’